Stylish Tips For Decorating Your Patio

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Stylish Tips For Decorating Your Patio

18 April 2016
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Patios are fantastic spaces for entertaining, lounging and dining. You probably already gave some thought to the layout and its furniture. However, since the patio is the hub of your outdoor living, the décor deserves some attention, too. Plan for a patio that's as stylish as it is useful.

Create Tableaus

One way to make your patio décor cohesive is by creating tableaus. Instead of scattering your accent pieces evenly around, group them together in pleasing displays. For instance, start with a painted tile accent table, and place a painted pot with a cactus on top of it. Set a larger piece of outdoor pottery to the side, and hang a painted lizard or other Southwest-themed art on the wall behind all this.

Plant a Container Garden

A container garden is another way to create a tableau. Get a selection of pretty planters in different sizes but with a similar design feature, such as all shades of blue. Choose container-friendly plants, such as herbs and typical house plants. Better Homes and Gardens also suggests miniature fruit trees and ornamental grasses. Group them to vary the size and texture for a charming display.

Include a Fire Pit

You'll want to enjoy your pretty patio no matter the temperature. For cooler days and evenings, a fire pit is an excellent gathering spot. You can choose to have it built into the flooring and place seating around it. Alternatively, choose a movable fire bowl or even one of the tabletop fire pits for more versatility. It's also possible to fill the bowl with fire glass for a beautiful, shimmery effect while it's in use.

Add a Pergola

Along those lines, a pergola gives you and your guests shade during the hottest parts of the day. You can have it built into a corner and arrange lounge or dining furniture underneath. Outfit the pergola with weatherproof fabric for increased shade and privacy. Alternatively, plant a lush climber, such as traditional grape or showy bougainvillea, and train it over the pergola for an especially lovely corner.

Install a Water Fountain

While you're creating your corner niche, consider adding a water fountain for ambience. An outdoor fountain makes pretty water music that not only soothes you and your visitors, it also masks street noise. As the water flows, it also interacts with the sunlight for a gorgeous and dynamic display. You can select a floor model and nestle it in with your container garden or climbing plant. Alternatively, hang a wall fountain as part of one of your tableaus.

Your patio décor enhances your enjoyment of your outdoor living. Contact a business, such as Bob Williams Nursery Inc., for more information on designing your outdoor space.