3 Ways To Prevent Dry Wood Termite Infestations

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3 Ways To Prevent Dry Wood Termite Infestations

10 November 2016
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If dry wood termites are present in your area of the country, you need to make sure that you take steps to ensure that your home is never infested with termites. Termites can ruin your home and destroy its value. Here are three things that you can do to protect your home against dry wood termites.

Remove Wood Around Your Home

The first thing  you need to do is remove dead wood from around your home. If you have dead trees around your home, that can attract termites. If you have any dead trees, you should have a tree cutter cut them down and haul the wood off of your property. Termites love to fest on dead wood and can easily move from a food supply outside of your house to a food supply inside of your house.

If you use firewood to heat up your home, you should not store it next to your home or against it. Firewood is essentially dead wood, which is termites' primary food source. Pour a slab of concrete on the ground away from your home, and stack your firewood on the concrete. Cover it up with a tarp or an open cover to keep the rain away from your firewood.

You should also go around your property and pick up any dead limbs that have fallen. All of these things can attract termites to your property.

Remove Access

The next thing you need to do is remove access to your home. Dry wood termites can enter your home through tiny cracks in the exterior. You can remove these access points around your home. Walk around the outside of your home, paying particular attention to the foundation and areas where there are joints. If you see any small cracks or crevices that are open, you are going to want to fill them. You can fill in the holes with the appropriate filler, such as acrylic filler or wood filler. You can also fill cracks by applying paint to them; paint can fill in small cracks.

Reduce Moisture Around Your Home

Finally, you need to reduce moisture around your home. You do not want water to pool up around the foundation of your home. When water pools up, it could make the wood on your home soft and more susceptible to rotting and thus termites. You also want to make sure that water doesn't pool up on your roof. Make sure that you keep your gutter clean of debris and clean debris off of your roof.

If you take the three steps above, you can protect your home from a dry wood termite infestation. Contact a pest control service for more help.